4 things that add value to your home that you may not even realise

In the most part, the value of your property is going to be influenced by the condition that it is in, how much space it has and whether or not there is any work that needs to be carried out on the property.

However, there are some other things that can also have an impact on the value of the property too. Things that you may not even realise have an impact. To help you to try and understand how your property can be valued, we have put together the 4 things that add value to your home that you may not even realise have an influence.

The schools

Not everyone who is looking to buy a home has children, but, there is still a chance that they will in the future. This means that they are going to want to know what they schools are like in the area. Those areas that have a school right in the local vicinity are likely to be sought after. This is because they make the school run so much easier to manage. This goes up even more if the reports on the school are that they are a good school.

The transport links

Whilst many people will drive to and from work or to get around; there are still those who will rely on public transport. If this is the case, then you will find that a plus point for your property is whether or not it is on a transport route. That said, it is important that you are not too close on the route, as then you can find that the noise pollution is actually seen as a negative part of the property to potential buyers.

Are there shops around?

When the time comes to go out and buy the essentials from the shops, the last thing that you are going to want to find is that it takes a whole lot of time to get there. This means that those who are looking to buy a property, will also want to know where the local shops are. Any shop will help with value, but, if you really want to make the most money, then you are going to want to aim for more upmarket stores rather than budget chains.

The green spaces

Of course, most properties come with a garden or outdoor living space. But, this doesn’t mean that any local beauty spots can be overlooked. In fact, how close you are to green, open spaces can really help to make the property appealing. People will think about how it is going to be great to go for a walk through the park and spending some amazing family time together too.

These are just some of the things that can appeal to viewers and give you the chance to make as much money as possible for your property. Allowing you to move on to wherever it is that you want to live next.

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