We are the only property trading company to guarantee the homeowner a sale and the potential for a percentage of our profits.


Our experienced property team have seen hundreds of homes sold to companies who have resold them straight on for profit, without making any improvements. PTC will invest in improving the property in order to add value and secure the very best price for our clients.


Many sellers want security and peace of mind, knowing that their property is sold to a trusted buyer who can perform as promised, allowing them to move on with their lives. We are proud to offer sellers this and much more.

Professional property Buyers

We will do our utmost to add value to your home, as this is where we make us both money.


If we cannot trade the property on, then you can still be confident you have sold for a fair price to someone able to complete the sale with cash funds, at an agreed time that suits you. We guarantee a stress-free transaction that enables you to quickly move forward.