Selling your vacant property

Selling a property while it is vacant can feel even more difficult than selling one which is occupied, and a tough housing market does not make things any simpler. In addition, you might be concerned about making it known that your property is vacant, for fear of crime and break-ins. If you are hoping to shift your own vacant property fast, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Make it look occupied

Not only is this a great way to help make your home safer while you’re selling it, but it also helps enhance your curb appeal. When you sell, you’re quite likely to take photos of the interior, and criminals could take advantage of this. Buyers have also been shown to have a fondness towards properties which look like they could ‘move right in’, even when they’ll be using their own furniture and their own ornaments.

Make it look like a home, rather than simply a house. This can be done in several inexpensive ways – think in terms of simple furnishings and staging which will dissuade anyone with bad intentions from thinking the home is unoccupied and appeal to the right kind of buyer.

  1. Consider a cash sale

Cash buyers will purchase your property more swiftly than conventional buyers, meaning there’s less time with your home standing vacant. In a few weeks, you could have closed the deal. For anyone who has encountered the lengthy traditional selling process, this will be great news!

  1. Watch the temperature

Be careful about monitoring the temperature in your property. As you are unlikely to be there much of the time, check in and make sure that the temperature is reasonable before a viewing, as this could have a dramatic impact on the appeal of the property to prospective buyers.

  1. Maintain the home

Just because you don’t live there, you don’t need to let the maintenance of the property fall into disarray. Instead, regularly cut the grass and ensure that entranceways look welcoming. When people arrive, these are the first things they will see, and it doesn’t take a lot of work to keep them looking presentable.

Think of your home as though you are viewing it for the very first time; what areas would you care about the most, and what would put you off investing in the property? Be strategic in your maintenance choices.

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