Top tips for a quick house sale

Selling your house in a hurry is sometimes essential, particularly if you plan to move on to a new property and don’t want to be burdened with the existing one for too long. Whether through impatience or necessity, these tips should help you shift the property, faster.

Opt for a cash sale

Selling your house for cash means you can ditch many of the tried and tested rituals associated with the sale. There’s far fewer hoops to jump through, and you’ll not have as many fees to handle after you’ve closed the deal.

As with all aspects of home ownership and property selling, we recommend you carefully consider who you sell your house to and are cautious about assessing their financial means before you go ahead and agree to anything. However, it is worth considering that selling your home in this way will allow you to skip over tricky stages such as waiting for the buyer to secure a home loan. Selling cash to property traders presents the ideal opportunity to sell speedily for cash.

Repair what you can

In some instances, the cost of repairing your property could outweigh the potential benefits of doing so. Here we suggest that you instead sell the property as a refurbishment project, and carefully assess any resultant financial hit you’ll take. For smaller scale problems which can be handled DIY, its time to carry out some repairs.

When you’ve been living in a property for a long time, it’s easy to forget what it looks like to someone seeing it for the first time. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer and try all you can to make the home seem as though it can be stepped into with minimal work.

Add some finishing touches

The kerb appeal of your property is another major factor which will influence the rate of sale. A few carefully chosen finishing touches needn’t cost the earth but could certainly allow a buyer to imagine themselves moving right in and making themselves at home. If there are small ornamental details which you can easily make, then go ahead. Factors such as neutral, freshly painted walls will make all the difference.

In addition, other design fixtures such as attractive cushions or fresh flowers and plants also help to create a truly timeless and homely look and feel for your property.

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