There are many reasons why homeowners come to us for help.  We know that everyone’s situation is different, so have created a company that is flexible to the individual needs of our clients.  We listen, plan, act and deliver to your timescales.

Property Needing Repair

Property can be expensive to maintain and often homes become tired or, even worse, structurally damaged.

PTC will purchase property in any condition throughout England & Wales. We are experts in transforming rundown property into a beautiful home to be cherished.

Visit our added value page (hyperlink this to the page)  to see how we can work together to secure the best price for your property, and view our  Case Studies to see examples of our work.

Vacant/Empty Property

There are over 700,000 empty properties across the UK and our mission is to help restore many of these into habitable homes.  Vacant properties can be expensive to insure and are susceptible to damage and unlawful entry. We buy property fast and make the necessary improvements to get them back onto the housing market.

Probate/Inherited property

During what can be a very sad and distressing time, clients who are trying to sort out financial affairs of probate and property inheritance, need support and clarity.

PTC can offer the beneficiaries of an estate a choice of two cash sale routes that guarantees a sale and set timeframe.

Our cash sale and added value process also ensures we can offer all parties a route to securing the best possible price for the property.


Selling at auction is a great way of trying to control a timescale, as when the hammer falls the buyer is legally bound to exchange on the contract.

However, whether the property sells or not, and if that buyer will complete, is out of your control. Therefore, we offer a great solution for sellers who want 100% clarity of a sale: We will buy the property no matter what happens at the auction.

If the property sells at auction, then we share the difference in the price we guaranteed the seller and the price that it sells for. In other words, PTC will underwrite a property giving the owner clarity on what their MINIMUM sale price will be, making this route a win-win solution.

Terms & conditions apply.

Short lease or Title issues

These issues can dramatically affect the value and saleability of a property. Our professional legal team are experienced in many different situations so can confidently support and resolve your situation. We will buy any property with a short lease, and if you select to use our added value process, we will pay for the new lease and then sell the property for the full market value. Terms & conditions

Financial difficulties

Sadly, at certain economic times, homeowners can experience financial difficulties that can be triggered by redundancy, growing debt, and the rising cost of living.

PTC will do their utmost to assist and exchange on the property as soon as legally possible, giving the owner as much time as possible to move to their next home.

Selling to PTC gives the seller the guaranteed exchange which will appease their debtors. Where we can add value, the seller will also have the potential to receive a percentage of the profits made from us selling the property on.

Sale fallen through

Selling a home can be very complex and stressful, which is sadly reflected in the current fall through rate of 37.5%.

If you find yourself without a proceedable buyer, we can step in and keep you moving.

Our team of experienced and skilled negotiators can help to offset some of the costs through your chain. Our cash offer is a competitive solution to help everyone involved get on the move.


Changes in life can bring about new challenges and different family setups. PTC understand the difficulties this can bring and can offer you a cash price for the property to give you the certainty of selling to a fully funded cash buyer (exchange). You will be able to conclude any necessary personal legal agreements and all parties involved know they can move forward with the next chapter of their lives. Where the property is suitable for our added value process, you can also share in the financial rewards gained from improving the property before sale.

Ill health

Sadly, factors beyond our control can change life’s circumstances in a flash.

If you need to get moving quickly, or just need the peace of mind that you have a cash buyer ready to proceed with the purchase to suit your timescale, PTC are ready and waiting.  Please contact us to discuss.


Retirement is often a time to consider your financial setup and look at available options. Many people decide to downsize their home in order to free up cash to help with funding their retirement.  PTC are here to assist and facilitate a quick and stress-free sale, leaving you to enjoy your newfound spare time.

Contact us.

End of mortgage

Time passes very quickly and with many homeowners on interest-only mortgages, this situation can sometimes catch you out. PTC will work with you to relieve any financial stress by purchasing your home for cash within in a timeframe that suits you.

Where possible we will enable you to hold onto some equity to move to your next home, and can also explore our cash sale & added value process meaning you will secure the very best  return for your home and situation.


When opportunity presents itself and you need to sell your property very quickly, we can buy your home for cash and exchange in as little as 7 days. We can complete at a timescale to suit you, and where possible explore our added value process to enhance your sale price.

PTC can give you the peace of mind to confidently search and put in offers on your new home.

Part exchange

If you are a homeowner considering a part exchange offer from a developer, you may find our proposal provides you with a much better deal on your new home without the part exchange.

If you are a local or national builder and want to offer part exchange to your buyers, we will underwrite the buyer’s home and enable them to exchange while they wait for their new home to be built.


With or without planning permission, land can offer an opportunity for increase in value from a field to a new home development.

PTC offer landowners a resource to promote their land and enhance the value. We will cover all associated costs and simply take a share of the increase in value.

Commercial property

Are you a landlord who is wanting to sell an asset or a business over to release funds?

PTC can offer you a competitive proposal as a solution to their circumstances. We act quickly and can proceed with our cash funds as soon as the legals can be processed.


Whether you are a large portfolio landlord or someone who is an accidental landlord who wants to change your circumstances and exposure, PTC can help.

We have dealt with single flats through to a building of over 40 units, so are hugely experienced to offer you fair and financially robust terms. Our added value process can also enhance your return.