Why sell your house for cash?

The UK property market is a constantly evolving sector, yet one with evergreen interest for anyone with money to spend or the need to drum up capital. However, selling your house often takes a long time and can be costly. The concept of selling your home for cash has become an increasingly appealing area over the last few years. In this blog, we will quickly delve into all the reasons why you may wish to opt for a cash sale!

Better chance of a quick sale

Selling your home for cash tends to be a quicker way than more traditional methods. There are lots of reasons why you may want to sell in a hurry, and whatever your reasons may be, cash is often the speedier and more efficient way of ensuring everything goes to plan.

Cash sales take a significantly shorter time to sell, with a deal closed in roughly one-to-three weeks. This is a major shift for anyone who is accustomed to the slower process.

Fewer abandoned sales

Any homeowner knows how difficult it is to make sure a sale really does go through. Cash sales help to alleviate this worry, as it removes the process of waiting for a buyer to be offered a loan. These loans often fall through at the last moment, leaving the homeowner in limbo – unable to sell right away, unable to move on and waiting many weeks (or even months) to find out whether they have truly sold their property.

We strongly recommend securing proof of funds before you commit to the sale, to ensure that you are not wasting your time. This is made much simpler when you are not relying on mortgages and loans.

No unnecessary fees

There are lots of fees which are traditionally associated with selling a property. Selling for cash means you can remove most of these fees from the equation and will be reassured of keeping more of your capital during the sale. Many homeowners regret the huge costs they accumulate during the property purchase process, but with a cash sale you’ll have no such problem to contend with.

Independent guidance

If seeking a cash sale, it is always wise to get some independent guidance before you commit. This helps ensure that cash sales are also every bit as secure as any other form of house sale and reassures the seller (and buyer) of the safety of the transaction ahead of time.

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